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Fare Enquiry | Charter a Bus | Official Website of Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation, Government of Uttar Pradesh, India.

Charter a Bus

Availability of Corporation Buses on Contractual Basis

  • The Corporation shall make available any category of available buses for hire on special charter on rates applicable for that category of service and computed as below: -

Rural Buses

Computation of booking charges for hiring buses for marriage and other social ceremonies
The following arrangements have been made for hiring a bus for marriages and other social ceremonies:

  • Booking of buses is  done only for 24 hrs. computed from the hour the bus is actually hired.
  • Detention charges If the bus is hired for 24 hours but detained beyond that time for not less than 2 hours and used for less than 400 kms then Rs. 275/- per hour detention charge shall be charged upto a maximum of 2 hours for ordinary buses. Similar detention charges shall be applicable for other category of buses at their prevalent rates.
  • If detention is beyond 2 hours, then full fare for the next 24 hours shall be charged.
  • Computation of rates shall be on a minimum utilization of 400 kms / day and occupancy of 60%. Rates shall be computed by adding 5% to the maximum actual average occupancy of the category of bus by the Region over the same month of last 3 years. Bus utilization for computation shall be the average actual utilization for this category over last 2.50 months. If in a 24 hour booking, the vehicle is utilized for a kilometer higher than this utilization, extra kms shall be charged at prevalent rates.
  • Mileage shall be computed on garage to garage basis.
  • Additional Tax payable shall be charged at applicable rules & rates on the computed amount.
  • Computed charges shall be rounded off in next Rs. 10/-.
  • Charges payable shall be 100% booking charges in advance and 25% refundable security to be released on completion of booking and return of vehicle.
  • If the vehicle is used for Inter State hire, then permit fees levied by the concerned State shall be charged as per actual over and above computed charges.
  • For the above purpose only those buses which are less than 2 years of age can be booked only if booking is for 500 kms or more.

For UPSRTC'S Employee

  • This facility is given to all employees for one time only throughout the service period.
  • Buses could be given only availability of the buses.
  • Relaxation for employee is 50% on fare. Rest 50% fare, passenger tax and surcharges will be borne by the employee.
  • Under this policy only one bus will be allotted.
  • At regional level only Regional Manager is authorised to give permission for hiring of the bus.